Query the BRIARD database

You can use the BRIARD database [Regional Computerized Database of Archives for Documentary Research] to find the references (shelf marks) of documents that you can then come and consult in the reading room of the Departmental Archives.

Limit your queries to a few words (one or two preferably, three at most).

Important information for better understanding of the list of responses that you will receive :

  • The archivists describe documents in sets (collections and classification levels) identified by titles or subtitles. The list of responses shows these titles as well as the descriptions of the documents themselves. To locate the documents (and the differences between collections and classification levels), see the icons on the left. Those corresponding to documents have a design like a sheet of paper. Collections and classification levels are represented by folders.
  • Each document is identified by a unique shelf mark: the string of numbers and letters shown immediately below the description, on the left. Carefully note the shelf marks of the documents that interest you, as you will need them when you come to the Departmental Archives reading room.

Documents are scanned and available online: click on the camera that appears to the left of the document description.



Not all documents in the departmental archives are described in the database. This is particularly so for a significant proportion of archives prior to 1930 (Archives of the administrations of the Ancien Régime and the prefecture, hospital records, local records), whose inventories often exist on paper and are only gradually entered in the BRIARD database.