Departmental Archive Ranking Framework

List of series
OLD ARCHIVES (prior to 1790)
Série Archives
A Acts of the sovereign power and public domain: orders, edicts, privileges, royal family.
B Courts and jurisdictions, parliaments, bailiwicks, sénéchals, provosts (sub-series 2BP), Court of Auditors, Court of Aids, Court of Currencies, salt barns, Master of Water and Forests (Sub-series 4B) captaincy of hunts: hearing records, court administrative records.
C Provincial administrations, adjutant-general offices, elections, other administrative divisions: tax rolls, supplies plans, survey reports, records of management of acts, insinuation.
D Public education, science and art, academic colleges and societies.
G Secular clergy (archdioceses, chapters, dioceses, seminaries, parish churches and their fabric committees, chapels.
H Regular clergy (religious orders of men, women, religious military orders, abbeys and priories, hospitals and leper houses.
I Church archives: various collections where secular and regular clergy are not distinguished.


Série Archives
L Department, district and canton administrations, courts, printed decrees and laws, deliberations of the Board, records of laws, general policing, health, sanitation, subsistence, treasury, forests, military affairs, public education, arts and sciences, business and industry, weights and measures, communal property and court authorities of the Department, forms of worship, notaries, cantonal administration, oversight committees, Water and Forests, etc.


MODERN ARCHIVES (1800 – 10 juillet 1940)
Série Archives
M General Administration and Economy, Office of the Prefect, elections (sub-series 1Mp, 3MP), administrative personnel (sub-series 2Mp), population movements (sub-series 6M), Water and Forests (sub-series 7MP), censuses (sub-series 10M), honoraries, hygiene and public health, administrative police, subsistence, agriculture, industry and general safety.
N General Council (Sub-series 1N), departmental administration and accounting, departmental buildings and property (sub-series 4N), departmental architecture service.
O Commons: personnel (sub-series 1O) and accounting, administration (sub-series 2O and 4OP) and accounting, local roads, donations and legacies.
P Public treasury and general accounting (sub-series 1Pp), Direct Taxes Rolls (sub-series 2Pp), indirect taxes (sub-series 3Pp) Land Registry (sub-series 4P), Post and Telecommunications (sub-series 6Pp), Customs, Water and Forests.
Q Domains, sales of national goods, deportees, migrants, administration of seized property (sub-series 1Q), separation of Churches and State (sub-series 2Q), communal assets (sub-series 3Q). Registration and stamp, mortgages (sub-series 4Q), disposals, acquisitions, exchanges.
R Military affairs, recruitment registers (sub-series 1R), military courts (sub-series 2R), veterans and victims of war (sub-series 3R), National Guard (sub-series 4R), gendarmerie (sub-series 5R) , fire-fighters (sub-series 6R), navy and coastguard (sub-series 7R), occupation of France (sub-series 8R), PoWs (sub-series 9R), temporary wartime agencies (sub-series 10R).
S Public works and transport, Roads and Bridges (sub-series 1S), highways (sub-series 2S), rivers and factories (sub-series 3S), rivers, navigation (sub-series 4S), canals (sub-series 5S), ports (sub-series 6S), mines and quarries (sub-series 7S), drainage (sub-series 8S), railways (sub-series 9S).
T Teaching (1T sub-series), library (sub-series 2T), cultural affairs (sub-series 4T), sports (sub-series 5T), printing.
U Justice: criminal courts, justices of the peace, court of assizes, special courts, public and ministerial officers, commercial courts.
V Forms of worship, secular Catholic clergy (sub-series 1V), organization and policing of Catholic worship, diocesan buildings and property (sub-series 3V), parish buildings and property (sub-series 4V), factories (sub-series 5V), regular Catholic clergy (sub-series 6V), non-Catholic forms of worship (sub-series 7V), worship expenditure (sub-series 8V).
X Social assistance and welfare (sub-series Xp), charitable institutions (sub-series 2X), hospitals (sub-series 1X), hospices (sub-series WXP).
Y Correction institutions (subset Yp), repression institutions (sub-series 1Y), departmental prisons (sub-series 2Y), vagrancy centres (sub-series 3Y).
Z Sub-prefectures (sub-series Zp) of Coulommiers, Fontainebleau, Meaux, Provins.


Série Archives
W Archive of all administrations of the State or the Department.


Série Archives
E Feudalism, municipalities, bourgeoisie, families, arts corporations and occupations (sub-series 4E), brotherhoods and secular societies (sub-series 5E), doubles of parish registers and then civil registers (sub-series 6E), notarial archives (sub-series by notarial office), wedding announcements (sub-series 8E), attached documents (sub-series 9E).
Edt Local records deposited (sub-series by municipality).
F Private archives: scholarly collections, deposited manuscripts and typescripts, isolated documents, family papers, gifts, purchases, dissertations and theses. Series F, opened in 1881, was closed in 1981 and replaced by series J.
Fi Illustrated documents, maps, plans, prints, photographs, postcards, prints and posters, bills with letterheads.
Hdt Hospital records: Hôtels-Dieu hospitals, leprosy houses, hospices.
J Private archives: scholarly collections, deposited manuscripts and typescripts, isolated documents, family papers.
K Laws, ordinances and regulations since 1790, Bulletins of Laws (sub-series 1K), National Gazette, the Official Journal of the French Republic (sub-series 2K), reports of administrative acts of the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne (sub-series 3K), orders of the prefect.
Mi Supplementary microfilms (sub-series 1MI) and replacement microfilm (sub-series 5MI), reproduction of unregistered local archives and private archives, back-up microfilms (sub-series 2MI), documentation microfilms (sub-series 4MI).


Série Archives
AC Deposited local archives.
AZ Small format publications.
CA Administrative documents from the pre-archiving centre of the administrative district (1973-1980).
PF Administrative documents from the pre-archiving centre of the Prefecture (1976-1979).
Mdz Private archives, documentary files (1927-1984), manuscripts arriving by extraordinary means.
Pz Press
Rev Journals, periodicals.
SC Continuous series: administrative documents arriving in the Departmental Archives from 1956 to 1980.