Civil registers : digital collections

11,060 parish or civil registers are online, in addition to 286 ten-year tables and 107 wedding publication registers. This represents approximately 3,994,439 pages of civil records made available in this way. Nearly 1,000 other registers have been scanned and are available in the reading room.

Questions / answers

What civil registration documents are online ?

The following civil registration documents are online :

  • parish registers until the Revolution and civil registers (shelf marks 6E, 1Mi and 5Mi) ;
  • ten-year tables (shelf mark 7E) created by the decree of 20 December 1792 ;
  • marriage publication registers (shelf mark 8E), documents attached to the civil register mandated by the decree of 20 September, 1792 and later abolished by the Law of 8 April, 1927.

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Scanning was carried out from microfilms created in the 1980s (shelf mark 5 Mi) and completed by scanning of the original register from the period 1885-1911. These were from the court administration records. A collection of duplicate records is held in town halls.

What period is online?

From the Sixteenth century to 1913.

Under law 2008-696 of 15 July 2008 on archives, all civil registers are disclosed to the public 75 years after their closing date. All records up to 1937 can therefore be viewed in the reading room. That is to say, the full registers prior to 1937 are available; registers beginning before 1937 and ending after that date are, however, not available for consultation.

For posting online the recommendations of the National Commission on Computing and Liberties (CNIL) led to a period of 100 years being established to protect the privacy of individuals. Civil registers and ten-year tables up to 1913 are therefore available online. Note: records beginning before 1913 and ending after that date are not available online.

The marriage publications collection of the Departmental Archives stops at 1897. Marriage publications are therefore available online up to 1897.

Are all the documents online?

All parish registers held in the Seine-et-Marne departmental archives are online, together with all civil registers and all ten-year tables whose dates allow them to be made available online. However, the coverage of this collection is sometimes patchy: for some municipalities and in certain periods, the records are not kept and, therefore, do not appear among the documents made available online.

A supplementary microfilming campaign took place in the 1980s from the registers kept in town halls. These are the microfilms at shelf mark 1 Mi: they are currently available in the reading room of the Departmental Archives (list download link opposite). They can be viewed in the Archives of other departments by submitting a loan request.

For marriage publications, 107 registers from the collection held at the Departmental Archives are available online. The rest of the collection is being scanned and will gradually be made available online.

How are the registers classified?

The registers are classified according to the current name of the municipality. The period of interest can then be specified, but this is not mandatory requirement; if you do enter this information, the registers of the municipality are displayed in chronological order.

If you do not know which current municipality the parish that interests you belongs to, you can consult the reference work Paroisses et communes de France : dictionnaire d'histoire administrative et démographique (Parishes and municipalities in France: dictionary of administrative and demographic history) Seine-et-Marne , Paris: CNRS ed., 1988 (shelf mark 8°3919/A usually in the reading room; presentation of the collection on the website of the Laboratoire de démographie historique).

I can't find the record I'm searching for. Why?

The collection of registers held in the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne, whose digital images (scans) are now available online, is sometimes incomplete. It is therefore possible that the parish or municipality of interest to you is missing records for certain periods which have not been preserved. In this case, you can consult the records of the collection of the municipality if they have been preserved: at the departmental archives on microfilm at shelf mark 1 Mi or in the Municipal Archives.

Unable to read the documents?

Use the image adjustment tools (contrast, brightness etc.) on the viewer or on your computer.

If the image is of poor quality or truncated, please inform the departmental archives.

If the writing is problematic, please refer to the information on paléography.


Is a page missing from the register?

Scanning can sometimes be incomplete: report any gaps to the service, so the original can be inspected and you can be informed whether or not the page is present.

Some registers are incomplete - the page missing on the screen is also missing in the register. You can then view the corresponding register of the collection of the municipality if it was held in the Municipal Archives.

Is it possible to reuse the images?

Any reuse of public information held by the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne is subject to compliance with general regulations and the signing of a licence covering the intended use, pursuant to the guidelines of the order of 6 June, 2005 on freedom of access to administrative documents and the reuse of public information and law No. 78-753 of 17 July 1978, adopting a range of measures to improve relations between the administration and the public and various administrative, social and fiscal provisions.

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What do I do if my information appears in the online archive?

In accordance with the law on "Computing and Liberties" (L.78-17) of 6 January 1978, as amended, individuals whose personal information appears in scanned archive documents posted on the website of the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne have the right of access and rectification.

Any person may exercise this right by contacting the webmaster of the website of the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne, at the following address to request the disclosure, correction or removal of personal data concerning them.