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Alphabetical indexes and recruitment registers


What documents are online?

The following are available online:
  • Alphabetical military census indexes.
  • Recruitment registers.
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Page d’un registre matricule, bureau de Fontainebleau, 1911 (AD77, 1R1377)

Page of a recruitment register, Fontainebleau registry, 1911

(AD77, 1R1377)

Established from 1867 by the recruitment services of the army, the alphabetical lists of military censuses are compiled by year class (usually in the recruit's twentieth year) and by recruiting office. They cite the name, first name and serial number assigned by the army.

With this registration number, it is possible to find the registration sheet of the recruit in the recruitment registers themselves, organized in numerical order of the serial numbers. These sheets provide a range of information about each individual such as physical characteristics, successive home addresses, education level or even medical information.

Quelle période est mise en ligne ?

Page d’un répertoire alphabétique indiquant le numéro de matricule des soldats, bureau de Melun, 1914 (AD77, 1R1416)

Page of an alphabetical index showing the serial number of the soldiers, Melun registry, 1914

(AD77, 1R1416)

Alphabetical directories and recruitment registers are stored and are searchable records from 1867.

For posting on the Internet, departmental archives normally establish a period of 100 years from the date of recruitment However, based on the order of 20 December 2012 on a general exemption from Article L213.2 of the Heritage Code, indexes and registers can be consulted until 1921, inclusive, so that all World War One soldiers are included.

Under law 2008-696 of 15 July 2008 on archives, alphabetical indexes and recruitment registers can be disclosed to the public in the reading room after of 75 years and are therefore searchable up to 1938, inclusive.

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Are all the alphabetical indexes and recruitment registers online? 

All documents of the period considered, i.e. all those prior to 1921 held at the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne, are available online.

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How are the documents classified? 

The documents are distributed in three subdivisions of recruitment :

  • Melun
  • Coulommiers
  • Fontainebleau 
The recruitment offices cover territories whose boundaries have shifted over time, so it is advisable to consult the alphabetical list of the three subdivisions for the year of the class in question. For each recruiting office the following are available :
  • Alphabetical military census indexes.
  • Recruitment registers. 
These documents are all classified in chronological order.
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Unable to read the documents?


By email :  : complete the online contact form

Use the image adjustment tools (contrast, brightness etc.) on the viewer or on your computer.

If the image is of poor quality or truncated, please inform the departmental archives.

If the writing is problematic, please refer to the information on paleography. .

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Page missing ? 

Scanning can sometimes be incomplete: report any gaps to the departmental archives, so the original can be inspected and you can be informed whether or not the page is present.

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Is it possible to reuse the images ?

Any reuse of public information held by the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne is subject to compliance with general regulations and the signing of a licence covering the intended use, pursuant to the guidelines of the order of 6 June, 2005 on freedom of access to administrative documents and the reuse of public information and law No. 78-753 of 17 July 1978, adopting a range of measures to improve relations between the administration and the public and various administrative, social and fiscal provisions.

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What do I do if my information appears in the online archive?

In accordance with the law on "Computing and Liberties" (L.78-17) of 6 January 1978, as amended, individuals whose personal information appears in scanned archive documents posted on the website of the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne have the right of access and rectification. Any person may exercise this right by contacting the webmaster of the website of the Departmental Archives of Seine-et-Marne, at the following address  to request the disclosure, correction or removal of personal data concerning them.

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